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Princess 75

Princess 75 cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Holland/USA. Mr Soul breeder.

(Sk#1 x NL#5) x (Sk#1 x NL#5 x Haze)) x (Sk#1 x NL#5 x Haze) 6 seedlings are off to the races. Princess was obtained from growing out seeds found in buds of Jack Herer that was purchased in Amsterdam at the "Sensi-Smile" coffee shop, an authorized outlet of Sensi Seed Bank. Thus, it is considered to be an f2 generation Jack Herer. The seeds were found only in the deepest part of the buds indicating that the father was an unusually early-maturing JH that the growers missed at first.

Princess smells very much like pineapple both during flowering and when dried, but there's this "evil" scent in it too, like rotting meat, which has been linked with the most devastating weed (notably the Durb an/Thai hybrid from SSSC, years ago). The taste is connoisseur quality when it's cured; VERY fruity. The high is almost too intense for a lot of people. Dr. atomic actually refused to smoke any on our second meeting, after getting rather "hazed and confused" on the first sampling we did together a couple of weeks before, so he decided to try Shiva Skunk and found that more mellow and to his liking. Two hits of Princess will induce your body to tremble involuntarily and your heart to race and paranoid thoughts...very much like Haze, but not quite as intense. It also has a "creeper" quality that makes it easy to over-indu get progressively higher during the first 10 minutes after smoking.

Look at the May '98 issue of High Times' centerfold and find "Yellow Cab"...that's EXACTLY what the finished Princess buds look like. The "frosting" of stalked, capitate trichomes on the flowers and smaller leaves gives them a "furry" appearance much like Haze. Princess grows vigorously, and is rapidly maturing...6 to 7 weeks of 12/12. It feeds heavily and requires about 50% stronger nutrient solution than an Indica does. It stays short, for a Sativa-dominant strain, and finishes at about 3 ft indoors. The yield from such a plant is about 20 grams. Mr Soul has been "cubing" the clone o f Princess so the seed line will be Princess. The father is Shiva Skunk. He is currently growing out Princess.75 to obtain males for the creation of Princess.88. Seeds of the 0.88 generation will be ready by mid-July and should produce excellent plants, albeit not perfectly stable yet...but nearly. He plans to back-cross once more after that to arrive at 0.94 Princess genetics, which should be a stable, true-breeding seed line with females "replicating" Princess reliably. This strain is exactly what most people believe doesn't exist; a Sativa which grows VERY well indoors, stays short, and matures as rapidly as an Indica (faster than many), and has the great KILLER Sativa high/flavor. The yield is fine too. Mr Soul finds that the Indica strains are too leafy/stalky and much goes to waste with them, whereas Princess has an extremely high flower/leaf ratio and therefore almost no waste.

Current crop is Jack Herer x Unknown (Nickname - Jack's Heir): Seeds - I bought a 2 gram bag of Jack Herer buds (1996 Cannabis Cup winner) in Amsterdam at "Sensi Smile" coffee shop on Achterburghwal straat. The buds were supposed to be sinsemilla, but I was pleasantly surprised to find about a dozen seeds in the bud. I found the high to be cerebral and energetic, but not too long lasting; the buds appeared almost white due to resin coating. Of the 6 seeds I attempted to germinate, every one was successful and I got a 50% male/female ratio. Seedlings - Very consistent and uniform in looks and gro wth pattern (surprising since Jack Herer is a three-way hybrid itself). Rapid growers. Typical internodal spacing for a hybrid. Appearance shows signs of both Indica and Sativa heritage. Large, broad bladed leaves, but lighter green in color than typical Indica. Somewhere in between stature.

Mother plants (J1 and J3) - Grow vigorously and bushy. J1 is the hardiest looking of the two females.

Father plants (J2 and J4) - Grow vigorously and bushy. J4 is the hardiest looking of the two males (surprisingly, this J4 grew from a seed I'd characterize as a "runt", about half the size of his siblings' seeds). Unfortunately all clones of J4 were lost and I have only a "decent" supply of pollen from his flowers.

Clones - Very quick to root (10 - 14 days) with a success rate of 90 to 100%. Several small, poorly rooted clones eventually came around and flowered nicely. Rooting occurs independent of the method used; RW cubes with pH 6 or 5.8, Rootone or not, seems to make little difference. Flo wering - Once rooted, the RW cube is buried up to it's top in a 6 inch round pot of 50% perlite 50% Hyponex Professional Soil Mix, fertilized initially with Miracle Grow 15-30-15 at 1/2 tsp. per gal of pH 6.5 water. Once looking well at 12cm tall, flowering is begun with a 12hr light/dark cycle. During the first week they "shoot" up 30 to 50cm with large fan leaves but suddenly look over-fertilized (Miracle Grow has urea-based nitrogen) with curling at the tips of the leaves. They respond virtually overnight to a good, thorough leaching with plain water, then they take on a dark green color and start to "bud out" rather than get taller. After the first week of flowering, feeding is switched to Shultz's Bloom 10-60-10 at 1/2 tsp. per gal of pH 6.5 water; I soak the pots and wait a couple days until they get lightweight before the next good soaking. Flowers appear Sativa-like and extremely resinous, except that they continue to get progressively fatter and denser, much heavier buds than the Jack Herer itself does. I would guess that the father of the seeds was a skunk or similar strain, since the calyx to leaf ratio is so high; the flowers just keep sprouting out in all directions fro m the b ud with only tiny, resin coated leaflets interspersed between flower clusters. The leaves, all but the fan leaves, are covered in stalked resin glands from base to tip. Sample smoking of immature buds which were culled (tried to flower them in RW cubes but they died) after two or three weeks of flowering proved to have a sweet, skunky taste and produced a very "happy" high, not at all paranoia-inducing. The finished product should be excellent. Currently, I have several healthy, rapidly budding clones that are in their third week of flowering and they may well finish before their eighth week. The lowest four branches of one J1 clone were selectively pollinated using the J4 male's pollen and should yield roughly 50 seeds. My hope is that these seeds will produce plants with a great variety of fine characteristics. The outstanding gene pool should ensure that, inbreeding concerns aside. Then I'll have a great breeding project: trying to select individuals for future crosses which will incorporate the best characteristics of that diverse group. - Mr Soul

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