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Romberry cannabis is a Indica plant from British Columbia. Vic High, BCGA breeder.

Flowering: 55-60 days
Height: 90-140 cm

Is a very vigorous F1 hybrid of the pure Romulan female and a select Blueberry male. The hybrid retained the large sticky and stinky buds of the Romulan. It gained stronger stems and fruity aroma and taste from the Blueberry. Colas should become larger and more frosty than the Romulan buds seen in Aug. 98 High Times. This one is also very easy to clone.

Romberry has become a fav of mine in the last few grows (Thanks BCGA!) The high is up, for an indica, and leaves me with a warm happy glow and a stupid grin on my face. High-- 8- 8.5 Taste--9 or higher! This is what really keeps me coming back, the Romulan taste, well, exotically sweet is the best way I know how to describe it, with the Blueberry giving a full, rich sensation to the smoke.

Romberry likes to have a rich well drained soil, organic ferts, lots of light (20 w psf. min 30 w and up is best) and at least 8 weeks 18-6 from seed, 10- 12 weeks 12-12 to finish. Believe me the extra time is worth it! - greenbear

I grew out BCGA's Blueberry (f2) and it is a good indoor choice. Nice yeild, nice taste but I would still pick Romberry. - Greenie

Well it started with six beans via HS (Excellent Service:-)) 3 females, Veg total of 50days 24/0 400mh, in 2gal pots BCGA "Super Soil" recipe "Bio-Blend" organic two part ferts for "Soil application. Flowered under 400hps 12/12, and after 50 days of 12/12, today 2 Rom ladies 404grams un-cured buds. Nice 75-80% brow hairs, 50% resin heads cloudy under 30x mag. The height was about 23-31" tall. About 30% of the bud material was left on plant in hopes of continued ripening. So each one should finish with over 2oz's each. Being the first grow, It says volumes about the strain, Romberry is outstandingly vigorous, and is a fantastic yielder. I really thought to achieve a solid top cola 11' and 3" in diameter and as dense as any dank, would surely take a 1000watt lamp. But this was accomplished with a 400hps. And early quick try samples are awesome! The Romberry withstood a couple of abuses of rookiness, and really came through with big dense, stalked trichome frosty colas that really lend credence to the fact that this strain does not need vast amount of light to produce impressive colas. I guess that my extreme-joy is in the fact that I read "Don't Expect Centerfold Colas on Your First grow" and I took it to heart, and the Roms surprised me (Thanks to a lot of help from the great people here and at BCGA's board) cause I have four main colas between 46-79gramms that I think are worthy of a photograph, they are really impressive. - Budm

Well if I had to use flouros, Id go with Romberry, it produces very dense tight colas with as little as 35 watts per sq. ft. The breeder Vic High, in trying to make a guess on Romulan?s heritage and original breeding objectives, has posted that he feels that it had its roots in California back when flouros were popular, and guesses its a Blue Indica, and was breed to do well under flouros, and it still does well under low light situations. - Budm

Ended up with 1 Sage, 2 GWS, 2 Cinder, 1 blueberry, and 2 Roms. Actually, I thought I had 3 Roms, but one had "sexual problems". No big deal. Watch your Roms--and look for females with prolific preflowering. Also, keep in mind that I like to veg for a long time--2 months min. This time I let them go 72 days. Actually, I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have those pH/slow growing problems?but everything worked out in the end. Each plant yielded 1-2 oz. each. Not bad for a tiny closet. Hell, that's enough to set me up for MONTHS!

Comments: Romberry's a peach. What a nice high-ya can't get that grin off your face. The flavor's coming out as the cure progresses. - shaggy

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