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Romulan cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from British Columbia. Romulan Joe breeder.

One thing is for certain, the original pure Romulan has much more sativa than a simple Kush/Afghani. Much more aroma as well, it's pungent pine bud aroma is what makes it stand out as something unique. The original mother clones have been around for about 20 years. Another term that keeps popping up when describing Romulan is the old California blue indicas. I met with Romulan Joe a little while back and discussed Romulan's heritage, I think I recall him mentioning some Mexican sativas but don't quote me on it, I wasn't taking notes, haha. - Vic High

It has been one of Vancouver Island's best kept secrets for a few years. Up till about 18 months ago, Romulan Joe from the island was all Vancouver knew of Romulan. Then I showed about 18 months ago at HBC with some bud and photos looking for advice about good genetics to cross it with. Boy did I create a commotion. I was offered some serious dollars for a clone. I said no but that I would be happy to work something out with some seeds. For you breeders, take note that 18 months ago, Vancouver breeders did not have access to Romulan genetics.

At that time both the Romulan that Joe was bringing to Vancouver and my Romulan was the same bud. About six months ago I returned and Vancouver's Romulan was now more potent than mine but had lost some of its flavor. I also noticed that emery was now selling Romulan/white widow F2 hybrids. Emery's employees told me that they got hold of some Romulan/white widow hybrids from Romulan Joe and that was their Romulan base. I was also told that they were the source of Steve's Romulan. Steve is saying otherwise.

When I grow out the Romulan/strawberry blonde I'll know the truth. Pure Romulan is a very stable plant that produces very uniform F1 hybrids. If Steve's hybrids are uniform, then we'll know that he used pure Romulan and not the Romulan/white widow that Emery used. I'll also know if Steve ever decides to publish a photo of a Romulan plant and bud close-up. Buds pictured in Cannabis Culture and High Times are small for Romulan and are more than likely Romulan/white widow crosses. My Romulan gets bigger buds with less light intensity.

I'm only posting this to clear up some of the confusion. Emery's Romulan white widow produces some killer bud. Steve?s Strawberry blonde is very good and whether crossed with Romulan or Romulan/white widow, it should produce very pleasing results. A third source for Romulan genetics will be Heaven's Stairway who will be offering Romulan/blueberry (Romberry) F1 hybrid seeds.

BTW: The only reason I feel confident that I am lucky enough to have pure Romulan is because of it's stable genetics and how long it's been in the area. Emery, Shaun, and the others down at HempBC only confirmed it. -Vic High

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