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Ruderalis Indica

Ruderalis Indica cannabis is a Ruderalis/Indica plant from Russia, Central Asia. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Flowers automatically Outdoor. Ready 3 months start to finish. Good for Northern or rough outdoor areas. Sensi Seed Bank catalog

The main advantage of the Ruderalis line is that they flower automatically without regard to the amount of light vs. darkness. It's a good strain if you want to grow outdoors and live up north or in a place where there's a relatively short growing period. You could cross it further with quality strains, but you might lose the auto-flowering feature of the Ruderalis. -BK_Greenthumb

I've grown Sensi's Rud. Skunk. The Indica was (apparently) originally a result of much work by Nevil with NL in mid 80's. The HUGE and in-surmountable problem with this variety is mold resistance (or rather, a lack of it): Ruderalis is NOT mold resistant, nor is Northern lights, and nor is skunk. Basically, Sensi are selling seeds for a very sp ecialist environment: northern latitudes, low rainfall (were I come from, this one melted to nothing in early Sept., well before it matured). On top of that, it doesn?t taste to fine either. Also remember that with auto flowering, you get no chance to filter for sex, so you've got to grow all your seed. Only 25% of the seed planted will be early flowering female (75% of your plants will either be male or mature to late to be any good!) -retro13

The ones I grew (from Sensi) flowered at 24/0, but only some of the plants did flower. Ended up with one excellent male and a nice but low-potency female. The male produced a nice buzz even from the leaves. Made some F2 seeds for further breeding. About 100 days from seed to harvest under a 24/0 light period. -Epikur

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