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Sage x Big Sur

Sage x Big Sur cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from California/Holland. breeder.

"Sounds very similar to the Sage x Big Sur Holy I tried in Amsterdam. Absolutely best stuff I've ever had. One small b-hit was all we needed for a good six hours. Seeing how it's a cross, the next generation should be rather unstable. Emery has the seeds (but are they F1 or F2?). I got mine across the pond. Also way too pricey from him (0 for 10 seeds!) Buds aren't too big, but at 47 days they're just COVERED in crystals. The harvest window is supposedly 60-75 days indicating sativa. Taste is spicy, sandlewoody. Lots of capillate-stalked trichromes as opposed to the others like WW. It's hard for me to compare this to any other as it's my first time, but I've also got one NL x Skunk x NL. Much larger buds, but they just don't have the crystal development or smell. Also, my closet temps are extreme--often 110F or more. I'm hoping to reveg & clone. Can't say anything about yield in terms of weight. I've only got 3 plants and they're for personal consumption only I don't want to get into this, but there's been a lot of talk on other boards about "real" American genetics. Unless I was lied to, these are real American genetics and not "merely" a refinement of strains from Holland (not that there's anything wrong with that!)" -Shaggy

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