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Sensi Skunk

Sensi Skunk cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Holland. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

A strong plant with that typical Skunky taste and high. It has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio with large, full buds. Its excellent yield makes this one an absolute must for the greenhouse grower.

At first look, these buds seem to be red with light green leaves interspersed (of course we know that?s not really possible, but honestly it does look that way). These compact, spongy buds are mildly scented with fresh skunky undertones. Broken up, the buds take on a green, fertilized scent. When smoked, the Sensi Skunk tastes a bit spicy, like a smoky-curry flavor and is smooth and mildly expansive in the lungs. This is a good example of "creeper" bud in that it comes on slowly but expands over a period of 10-15 minutes.

Plant Profile: Short internodes especially while a seedling through about the 8th node, dark leaves, deeply serrated; sativa/indica phenotype.

Aroma: VERY skunky. One rolled joint sitting out in an ashtray is enough to 'stink' up a large house.

Taste: Sativa taste; grassy, fairly smooth on the palate, not fruity nor piney.

Yield: Good, 4 3/4 oz. on a 27" plant grown primarily for seed production not yield. Pollinated by a male haze from Posi.

Bud profile: Buds (trichomes) very gold in color, tight nuggets, fairly bulky colas. Good resin production.

High: Excellent. Deceiving though: it is definitely creeper weed. Three hits from a J is plenty in that the high keeps on expanding. 15 minute lag time at least before it really hits you. Silly stone, trippy.

Not an unnerving "Haze" type high at all, cerebral with a nice body stone.

Comments: Nice plant, great high and excellent value. A few yellow male flower parts started showing just before harvest at 80% trichome browning (yellowing).

It was the LACK of a skunky smell that really surprised me. If you are growing hydro your stink factor will double. I can testify that this is a fact ...(5 year hydro grower, now back in soil for 2 years).

I also found these will turn hermie if you don't allow a veg time of 2 weeks or so before inducing 12/12 when doing Sensi Skunk by clones. I had 5 out of 5 turn hermie from the same mother, and found the above to be the remedy. Also, according to Alan Dronkers from Sensi, this variety has recently been back crossed to an Afghani, the mothers I chose out of 30 displayed a 60/40 Afghani ?dominant characteristic. I will keep this variety forever. It is entered in the Cannabis Cup each year as a "standard" if it weren't for politics, it should have won years ago. I believe this to be a simple Mexican-Afghani cross, which might explain why it performs so well: it is free of the genetic mess that makes up so many of the popular varieties today. -Siege Gun

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