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Sensi Star

Sensi Star cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. Paradise Seeds breeder.

Type: mostly indica,
Flowering time: 55 - 60 days,
Yield per m2: 350 - 450 grams.

This hybrid is a great indoor plant. She produces powerful, resinous and very compact buds. The dense, sweet aroma speaks for itself. One of world's best stuff for heavy smokers. It is breathtaking and gets you stoned to the bone.

I harvested the SS in early October. 4 plants, each with a 1oz. cola (big and fat) and about 1/2 oz of lesser buds. This weed is probably about as potent as Northern lights, although the high is really physical. Smell and taste are very lemony, fruity. Nice, smooth powerful weed. I'm quite happy with it actually, even though I keep trying to tell myself its not as good as the NL#9 I grew with it, every time I light a j of SS, I'm surprised at the potency. - KGB

It is a very good cross for its potency. Yep, the high is more complex than most indicas. Grows short, yield fairly lo w, matures fro m 50-60 days. There?s much variation in this strain, so grow as many as you can to select your favorite. Be glad to answer any specific questions. - stix

Received Sensi Star through HS, 10:10 for germination. All very uniform looking plants. Ended up with 4 females, all short, very vigorous and dense in growth. I put them into bud after 4 weeks under floros when they were about 12-14". All had minimal stretching under my 1000w hps and using CO2 with temps in 75-85 range. Out of my 4 females, one had a mold problem at 6 weeks and the other 3 are about 2 and a half feet tall and ready to harvest an y day. They have huge, very dense, THC covered buds. I have never seen better. A great indoor plant that seems to have great commercial value. - Brends

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