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Shishkeberry cannabis is a Indica plant from British Columbia. Breeder Steve breeder.

The heavy early. Large production mother (mostly Afghani) crossed with a glistening Blueberry Male, for added flavor. Frosty leaves produce exceptional screening dreams. F1 to Shiske mother backcross.

Flowering Period: 6 Weeks
Outdoors: Early Oct.
Yield: Huge (up to 3lb per light)

"I've grown the shishke topped and cola style on two occasions and would say that shishke is a better yielder with tighter spacing and no topping. When I topped shishke at the 5th-6th node it got bigger than I wanted it. The best yields I've seen with that plant were in a friends garden at 4 per sq/ft with almost all extraneous branches pruned, it produced very solid foot long colas in a 2 foot garden. Pruning the lower branches in my experience gives better growth to everything above them wait a few weeks after you start 12/12 and you'll have a good idea of which ones to clip." - Shiva

"I was impressed with the quality and the amount of resin. Yield was pretty good(could have been better but my stupid girl partner killed my best shisk mother). Flowering time was 40 days and not 6 weeks as advertised. How did yours compare. My high was of the deep hit you with a hammer burn me out indica stone. Not too much blueberry influence though." -The Chronic

"I just harvested 3 HUGE Shiskeberries grown outdoors (ask sly about them). Had 3 sizes but all eventually put out approx. the same amount of finished product. The biggest one had the highest leafcalyx ratio while the smallest one's ratio was reversed and the 3 made up 1.9 lbs. total of dry, manicured bud with the smallest one (still 5.5' tall) having the biggest colas (2 14-18" beer can size colas from a once pinched plant) and the biggest (just under 11'tall w/o pinching) having a large assortment of "branch buds" along with a nice main cola...and of course the middle one fell in between (also unpinched). Good buzz and taste but there's better out there imho. Too much waste overall in my experience with it compared to other strains and lots of trim-work to make them look nice. But it is a pretty plant that's fun to watch grow and minimal care. I did a few last winter indoors (finished outdoors) that never got to the size/quantity/quality of the outdoor grow...also only got 1 f out of 5 with the indoor and 3 f's out of 5 with the outdoor grow (if that makes any difference) but all 10 did germinate in just the simple "finger poke in the soil" method. Btw, I purchased mine last winter from HBC in person." -m.g.

"I received an order of Shiskeberry from Laughing Moon some time ago. The buds are fat and sticky with a very hashy almost mocha smell. So far no purple, but two of them have a very Blueberry look to them, based upon pictures of Blueberry I have seen, but with a definite Afghani influence. The only problem I have with the Shiskeberry is the smell. It is very strong and although not entirely distinguishable for what it is, it is enough to make me paranoid about someone catching a whiff of it outside." Duke of Herb

"On Shishkeberry: I just finished up the Shiskaberry and I have a few notes on it, if anyone is interested. A friend made my seeds; parents were Breeder Steve?s seeds. The notes below are only from one of the Shiskaberrys that I have tested. With further testing I will find the definitive Shiska mum. Aroma - The smell put a smile on a friends face tonight when I pulled out da' sample. But kaka has yet to smell a thing. Allergies are a killin' and ka ain't a smellin'. A bunch of Shisks are drying and I can't smell them.

Buzz- The first time I smoked some Shiskaberry yesterday it really didn?t stone me. Today it has whipped me :) A few hits on the way to school were a few too many, it hit and I became unmotivated. This evening a friend and I finished off two bowls and it was quite the experience. Fair amount of visual distortion, lots of laughs which lead to tears and falling on floor. Totally a fun indica. I place it a little below the NL x shiva in power level, but still above average. I'd put the Shisk in the social indica category, with the nlxshiva toward the unsociable side. I did have to pull myself from the couch also. Taste- Taste is mostly hashy. Expando in the lung is nice, exhale is smooth and left with a hint of sweetness/berryness aftertaste. Taste is good, this sample I would put taste on the mild side. I'll have to see what kind of differences there are in the mums.

Yield- While there were some runts in the group, most of the plants ended up heavy yielders. Plants were started tight but eventually spaced at 1/ft2. Two or three a sq. ft would have been killer. 3 mothers had the fattest buds with the top yielder being a topped Shisk. Yield would be well above average, especially considering flowering time, which ran me 49 days. For comparison the Shiskaberry's buds are larger than the nlxshiva next to it.

Bud appearance- Buds look silver because they are so covered in crystals. Hairs are orange and few leaves that remain are dark. Buds look great, in this reviewer's humble opinion. Bud density is definitely above average.

General notes- Shiskaberry is freaking leafy and takes tons of time to manicure, not that I'm complaining. There is so much resin on leaves including fan leaves that screening is a possibility. Lots of sticky fingers. The Shisks were around 80 days old from seed and were done quickly in search of a good mother. As soon as drying has finished I'll offer up some weight numbers. Plants sizes were from 2'(runts) to 3'(fatties)." - kaka

"I'm on my 4th crop of Shishkeberry. I've grown topped and untopped. I would say top after the 5th or 6th internode. Depending on how much room (height) you have. Clip lowest 2 side branches too, as they will normally not make it to the top of the canopy and won't produce good flowers. If you train the plant right you will have from 8 to 12 colas per plant. The plant will finish between 2.5 and 3 feet tall. My current grow I tried growing 2 plants per container and its too crowded. Because Shishke is so bushy/big leaf I would try to grow no more than 1 plant per sq. foot." - Shishke

"Shishkeberry did great in the desert. very stony, stupor inducing indica with bb (sort of) flavor. Very smelly during use caution where ya plant it. it's as easy to grow as any other and clones easy. but very stiff branches/trunk so hard to train during veg w/o breaking stems. not terribly tall...maybe 6-8'... but I suggest it be grown at 45-60 degree angle from start if finish plant-height is a prob. most excellent long and large "beer-can-cola" (among the best buds I?ve ever seen) buds on main stem with all branches I?d say above avg. yield too. IOW, I would never kick her out of the bed... btw, I?m at 36 degrees latitude +/- with long, hot season but Shishke finished around end of Sept to mid-Oct, if I recall correctly. it did finish before the majority, at any rate." - m.g.

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