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Shiva Shanti

Shiva Shanti cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from India/Holland. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Shiva Shanti 1 and Shiva Shanti 2. This Afghani with its penetrating Indica aroma is one of the better yielders in the collection. Its pleasant taste and above average potency make this an attractive variety for beginners.

The Shiva Shanti I is a 3 way hybrid which consists mostly of an Afghani strain that we call Garlic Bud because of its aroma characteristic. The Shiva Shanti II contains a smaller part of this Garlic Bud and is added with skunk and another Afghani. It is a less stable 4-way hybrid but quality wise very nice. The flowerin g time will be somewhere between 45 and 55 days. It is also an F1 - Alan Dronkers

Shiva 2 is a quick, crystally below average yielder. It has a very up quality to the high.

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