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Silver Pearl

Silver Pearl cannabis is a Sativa/Indica mix plant from Holland. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Flowering: 45-50 days.
Height: 100-125 cm.
Yield: up to 100 gr.
Finishing date in greenhouse: mid -October.
Yield in greenhouse: up to 500 gr.

This 3 way hybrid contains Early Pearl, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights. This hybrid is quicker and sweeter than the Shiva Skunk. Excellent indoor and greenhouse results. Plants exhibit frosted resinous characteristics of the Northern Lights #5 and the sweetness and calyx-to-leaf ratio of Early Pearl / Skunk. One of our favourites and in 1994 the winner of the mixed Indica/Sativa category

My Silver Pearl is beyond wonderful! VERY HALLUCINOGENIC tastes sweet like honey, not my favorite flavor but a great accomplishment. I sent away for silver pearl seeds from mike 12 days ago, he says they are on the way so I?m hoping for Friday, then greenthumb at my friends house! Damion

Silver Pearl hallucinogenic You bet it is! Never grew it (but have the golden ticket to do so, thanks mike) had it last year grown by a friend (he purchased seed in Adam himself) I'm a heavy to ker and Ill tell you, 2-3 bong hits to be high as a kite, 6 or more and you?ll start seeing what I mean. Share a blunt with friends and enjoy an even better ride!

The taste of the silver pearl had no noticeable Skunk taste in it. This seems to be right on target with the silver I've smoked and the Early Skunk (EPXSK#1) that I have grown. The taste of the EP (very sweet with almost minty undertones) seems to be the dominant trait carried by this strain. I love the taste. The High of the EP X SK #1 is kind of heady and very functional. One of my favorite "Utility Smokes". Great for the morning are a couple of hits at lunch. - D

Silver Pearl is a taller plant the sto ne is more up, while Super Skunk is shorter a bit heavier yield more body stone -haven't grown either since 90 so may have changed but both were nice. -Oldtimer1

Old timer described the 2 perfectly: Super Skunk will give you that couch potato stone and Silver Pearl is more energetic/hallucinatory. I'd go with the pearl unless your growing for yield. - DAMIONSIN

I just finished super skunk and have Silver Pearl coming right behind it. the Super Skunk is really kind bud, but nothing all that special. IMHO the silver pearl will be the better strain. - NYC

If I was given the choice, I would choose Silver Pearl over Super Skunk anytime. This plant has the power of NL (after 2.5 weeks flowering the buds are so resinous they stick together), the ease of growth of Skunk (never goes hermy), and the delicate class of the sativa Early Pearl. This has to be one of my favorite smokes -the smoke is sweet, orangy-incense, and the high is a full-on trippy head rush. I'm no great fan of anything to skunky- its all a bit the same, I think its best to mix it with other stuff. - retro13

For the other side of the coin, I've grown Super Skunk (Sensi '95) and it performed very well (especially since the price was like 60 guilders or so). It would make a great commercial weed very resinous, nice fat buds, though not the densest. Good deep smell, I don't like it but many people do. The high is strong and covers both sides... it will put you to sleep if you smoke too much. I would say the Silver Pearl would probably be better I the weed is just for you, or the SSkunk if it is more commercial. - Shabang

This plant has the power of NL (after 2.5 weeks flowering the buds are so resinous they stick together), the ease of growth of skunk (never goes hermy), and the delicate class of the sativa early pearl. This has to be one of my favorite smokes- the smoke is sweet, orangy-incense, and the high is a full-on trippy head rush. -retro13

We didn't gro w out enough SP to make a d ecision on variability, but this I can say: its growth characteristics are looser than NL, with slightly lower yield. Its taste is thick, warm, sweet- sort of like incense and toffee. Its very vigorous. The high is not bad. At first, it can be quite shocking (giving a 'hangover' after a night on it), but after you get used to it, the 'power' hit lasts about an hour, is slightly sativa, but is characterized b y the sativa/indica cross type high. Its not couch lock, nor is it get up and go speedy.

As far as variability is concerned, I've worked a bit with early pearl (one of the parents), and have decided that this strain is much more variable than I previously assumed. There are two main phenotypes, and when bred against other things, I've seen quite a few different groupings of characteristics coming through. As far as I'm concerned, SP is likely to be kept, just because it's a regular, normal, easy plant to crop without it being too indica, and without having all the hassles o f the harder sativas to crop. It takes cuttings well. If I was you, I'd plant as many seeds as you've got and see what comes out. It can have a very nice growth pattern- early and advanced branching, but looser nodes than NL. The leaves stick out on long stems (an EP trait) which makes manicuring as easy as a walk in the park. - retro13

Northern Lights x Silver Pearl: These dark green buds are completely coated in light crystals, making the buds at first seem a lighter green. The buds are evenly covered in light orange hairs, as well as hairs that are almost flesh colored. Their structure is highly compact as small buds break up substantially releasing a super-sweet green bio scent (quite expected from this lineage!). The taste when smoked is mild, yet sweet and fruity and expands slightly in the lungs. The high is spacey and visual and comes on quickly. It's a bit forgetful and a bit lazy, a nice rainy-day-got-nothing-else-to-do bud. ****1/2 - Homepage Amsterdam

Power Pearl: This is the daughter of the Silver Pearl. These buds are a bright light green, sparsely coated with even lighter crystals and covered in short orange-red hairs. They are very dense but snap crisply apart, and leave your fingers tacky and sticky. The stems taste very piney, while the buds smell piney, skunky, and pungent. The smoke is full bodied, skunky, and unbelievably smooth! The high is quite spacey, but energetic and takes just a few minutes wait to some on. **** - Homepage Amsterdam

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