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Skunk #1 - Basic 5 hybrid

Skunk #1 - Basic 5 hybrid cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from California. Super Sativa Seed Club breeder.

M39 Skunk #1 crossed with the Basic 5. This hybrid was a harvest festival winner in its first year! The Basic 5 is a female clone which has been cultivated successfully in Holland for quite some years and which has demonstrated it's value very well in indoor growing as well as in outdoor growing. The female Basic 5, which proved to be the best during commercial cultivating, has been chosen by us to be the seed mother for this hybrid. The Basic 5 is a small, solid and thickset indica plant with heavy buds, covered plentifully with resin. So, suited very well for indoor growing, the high is extremely heavy. This hybrid assures excellent results for both indoor and outdoor growing. Using the plantlet method, an indoor yield of 2000 grams (more than 4 lbs.!) per square meter per year is possible. These yields can be increased still further (up to 1/3) by flowering cuttings when they are only 6 inches tall. Harvest outdoors: Oct. 1.

I believe Basic 5 was simply a name SSSC used in the place of NL#5 because, at that time, Northern Lights wasn't yet a "household name". This would mean that M39 = NL#5/SK#1 = ShivaSkunk.

I grew M39 back in the late 80's and I have been growing ShivaSkunk during the past couple of years.Taking genetic variation into consideration, they seem to be the same plant...although my memories of M39 are of a slightly superior plant - it's probably just nostalgia.

Sad story: When my ex-wife and I moved into our ex-house, I had a vial with a dozen M39 cannabis seeds stashed in a box of old books. She was cleaning the basement one day and found the seeds. She showed them to me and I acted like I didn't remember putting them there. She turned around and threw them in a pan of bacon frying on the stove. I don't miss HER at all - but I SURE wish I still had those SEEDS.

I worked for SSSC for two years in the mid 80's. I never asked "Kees" exactly what Basic 5 was...though now I wish I did because I've lost touch with him over the years. I can't say for SURE if it's NL#5, but I had that impression. - MrSoul

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