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Skunk #1

Skunk #1 cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from California. Cultivators Choice breeder.

Flower: 7-11 weeks
Harvest: 1st half of Nov. in a greenhouse.

Winner of several harvest festivals, and 'High Times' Cannabis Cup. Skunk #1 (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) was originally a cross between 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold and 50% Colombian Gold. Inbred since 1978, now a stabilized homogeneous strain. Blooms with long, thick buds, varying in color from light green to golden. Very high flower to leaf ratio. Soft and sweet aroma and a very strong 'up' high. Excellent variety for indoor growing or greenhouse with darkening system. Very high yields. Easy to manicure. This variety serves as a standard against which others can be measured.

M9 originally developed by the Sacred Seeds Co. A winner of a number of harvest festivals. One of the most sought after strains in the world. Ten years ago the sweet Skunk #1 arose from an Afghani, a Colombian and a Thai. It is now a stabilized homogeneous hybrid with less than 5 % deviations. The breeding plants were selected scientifically. The high is very strong and up. Examination tests selected the plants with the highest percentage of THC. A THC percentage of 15% was indicated by gas chromatography. The Skunk#1 has a high calyx to leaf ratio. Large long buds. It finishes the first week of Oct. Growing tips often lime green, mature plant often has yellow shade leaves. Neither is deficiency. The yield varies from 400-1000 grams, with an average of 500 grams. Yields of up to 2000 grams (5 pounds!) have been recorded. Indoors-experienced growers can, by using the plantlet method, harvest 400-500 grams per square meter. (11 sq. ft.) - SSSC catalog 1987-88

Regarding Skunk #1, Ed Rosenthal says he knows (it was) developed by Cultivators' Choice in California in the 70's.

Skunk #1 = originally developed by the Sacred Seed Co. (Cali/ Holland) Sk#1 arose from an Afghani X a Colombian X a Thai. As far back as 1987 they were reporting its stability to less than 5% deviation. Now 11 years later it has to be one of the most stable strains around. -Prince Caspian

Original Skunk#1 is a relatively true-breeding cannabis sativa crossed cannabis Afghani inbred-line polyhybrid with a heavy tendency to its cannabis sativa parentage. Original Skunk#1 was developed by Cultivator's Choice in the late 1970's for outdoor and glass house cultivation. It has also proved to produce excellent sensimilla indoors under lights. Original skunk #1 is a medium green and medium broadleaf variety of medium height that produces large, long floral clusters with very few leaves. The yield per square foot of Original Skunk #1 grown densely packed and strongly lighted can approach 40 grams of dry flowers. The flowers have a strong sweet & sour aroma and the taste is full-bodied and satisfying. The high is powerful and highly stimulating. Original Skunk #1 requires 8 - 11 weeks of a 12 hour photoperiod to mature completely.

Skunk #1 makes an excellent choice for male breeding material. It was selected from 50 different cannabis sativa cross c. afghanica F1 hybrid crosses for its consistent true-breeding qualities in a broad range of crosses. Skunk #1 is an inbred-line that came from a naturally combining hybrid selected for its crossability and true breeding qualities, rather than a forced hybrid made in an attempt to blend two previously selected individual varieties with specific desirable characteristics. In other words, Skunk#1 has been selected for its naturally high General Combining Ability (CGA). Simply crossing a select Skunk #1 with almost any other potent variety will improve it. -High Times magazine

Well, that explains its massive popularity from 1980 - 1992, afterwards a decline in preference for Skunk began. Skunk #1 and Big Bud , both powerful and good yielding when they came upon the scene in 1980, simply had been outpaced by the developments in the field of commercial & recreational cannabis cultivation.

My favorite Skunk experiences include these strains: Island Sweet Skunk (Federation), originally a hybrid by Spice of Life, which is Sweet Pink Grapefruit indica crossed Big Skunk#1 (Sensi Seed issue 1990), is a sweet citrus Skunk with a compelling high, and matches the description of the Skunk best. 60 days flowering.

Jack Herer, here, the Skunk makes the Haze work without paranoia, but its finicky and difficult to get satisfying results at home.

By the way, in the CNN show Impact, 'The Prince of Pot' sequence regarding me, reporter Larry Lamott was standing in a room of identical Skunk #1 single cola plants (154 in the room) at 27 days into flowering.

Has anyone noticed that really reeking, road kill skunk smell that used to be distinct has given way to other pungent but less cutting smells. I think Northern Lights with its low odor genetics and indica dominance in the market has in time reduced the skunky smell of pot, and NL and SK#1 are so often crossed these days.

The Sweet Skunk by Brothers Grimm may well be a further development of the Spice of Life Sweet Skunk, as is I.S.S. by Federation. -Marc Emery

I've grown skunk 1 and hybrids made from it for nearly 20 years. To get a really a good quality crop outdoors you need to be less than 40 deg from the equator it will need at least 10 weeks from the equinox to finish. With good cultivation will make 3 to 4 meters high and yield a pound or so of good bud per plant. Indoors it needs a minimum of 50 w per sq. ft and preferably double and takes 9 to 12 weeks to finish on 12 hrs. Its 75% sat and cant be grown like a modern indica hybrid but when grown properly gives all the modern var. is a good run for the money. - Oldtimer1.

Skunk #1: This plant is super resinous, has a marvelous sweet smell (does not smell skunky at all). Harvested at day 57, it could have gone another 10 days. All pistils were brown except some at the very tips. Calyxes were swollen. The smoke is about 40% body, 60% head. I like it for relaxing. Can maintain in public. Wonderful aroma before lighting and during smoking. Buds are very dense. This one is a keeper. - Splif Lipsit

The high is nice. It is strong, yet mellow, and yet still pretty alert. For overall feeling of potency, its not nearly comparable to couch-lock indicas that we have today, but it is still a good smoke. Anywhere in the U.S. this would be considered high-quality kryppie grade smoke, but it?s not that one-hit extra special. This is definitely a good plant to start with, very easy to grow, very cheap, and should be good quality no matter what reliable source you get them from. -shabang

I find that no matter what I do skunk just seems to be light and not dense. I've used tons of light perfect nutrients, but the stuff dried always seems airy. Its super stoney, sticky, skunky, great weed but just isn't that great for production strain. -sketcher

I hate the taste. That's just me, most people just think "oh that tastes like good pot" but I think it is pretty bad. It has a sort of sour-milk taste, kind of bitter. Hard to describe, its really not disgusting or anything, it?s just the way the Dutch Skunk #1 tastes. When I first tried it I told him not to be offended but I don't like the taste at all. Then he told me what it is and I agreed :-)

I have been growing sk #1 for seed stock was bought back in the late 80's-don't even remember the seedbank. I think that sk 1 is a classic...very easy to grow, potent, good yield. It is very forgiving and grows well under many different growing situations, indoors or out. The plants are similar in size, with little variation. It also takes topping well, with little shock, and you can grow beautiful short, bushy plants indoors topping them. The taste is nothing extraordinary, and it takes a little longer to finish than some other strains...about 70 days flowering.

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