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Skunk Red Hair

Skunk Red Hair cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Holland. Dutch Passion Seeds breeder.

Flower: 8-9 weeks

The variety which made indoor growing possible since 1985. Still one of the growers favourite. Will even tastes better outdoor if care under right conditions.

Early flowering fast growing plant with excellent yield.
The characteristic red hairs make this plant unmistakable.
The typical skunk taste and smell are kept along with the tight bud formation.
This plant is a big yielder if its grown indoor under perfect circumstances.

Skunk Red Hair is a mostly-Indica hybrid with a beautiful appearance and a heavy yield. It was developed in the early Eighties, when profuse red pistils were prized by cannabis lovers as a sure sign of sweet, resinous, big-budding ganja.

The flower clusters of this seed-strain are composed of fat, tightly packed calyxes which sprout long, thick pistils. Due to the masses of pistils, mature buds usually look more orange than green. Skunk Red Hair is vigorous at all stages of cultivation and gains more height in flowering than a pure Indica.

Skunk Red Hair?s effect is warm, powerful, mellow and inspiring (not overpowering, as some of the ?White? strains can be for inexperienced marijuana-lovers). Smoke is thick, heavy and sweetly pungent.

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