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Stone Blue

Stone Blue cannabis is a Indica plant from California. NCGA breeder.

Day 37 of 12/12- Very uniform hybrid, indica dominant expressed in two sub-phenotypes. More resin at this point than nc5a or blueberry; the individual glands are smaller but more profuse. The smell is very similar to blueberry and nc5a. Appears that the aroma gene has been fixed quite well in blueberry.

Sample tokes at this time produce quite a strong physical effect (on me at least) with typical strong indica stone. I expect flowering to be in the 60-day range. Some fan leaves will turn yellow ? this appears normal as all other parameters are in order.

Yield estimated from visual comparison to bb and nc5a looks much better than the other two strains. StoneBlue has very good lateral branching. 5 seeds were germinated, of 5 seedlings I ended up with 4 females. This plant will need more than 6 weeks veg for full sexual maturity, at week six of veg the nodes had just begun to alternate. - Lady J

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