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Stonehedge cannabis is a Indica/Sativa plant from Holland. Sagarmatha Seeds breeder.

Type: Indica-Sativa, indoor and outdoor.
Flowering time: 55 - 60 days.
Average height: 1 meter.
Yield: 350 grams/m.

Stonehedge is a marijuana of megalithic proportions. This plant has vigorous growth and excellent crystalline structure. By far the largest and densest sativa we have. Her lineage consists of an old style Cambodian type plant with a slight Western Winds influence that enhances the sativa strength and pleasure.

The high she possesses is soaring and overwhelming, providing the smoker with a lithographic outlook. Whether taken in the evening or after work her magic is well received. Not recommended for operating heaving equipment "unless it's you." Second Place Winner 1998 Cannabis Cup

Tony, an American and owner of the Sagarmatha seed shop in Amsterdam, said that the original seeds had been given to him by some Vietnam vets (so much for the "breeding" efforts). These vets in turn said that they were the result of their breeding a local (Californian) strain with a Cambodian strain they brought home.

The Sag site in the last months has added a reference to Special K in Stonehedge description, so perhaps they re-bred it with Special K. In any case, it is supposed to be a "manageable" Sativa-high plant, with a decent yield and remarkable good taste (even when some reports state it has a heavy Indica influence as well). Special K, which may or may not be in there, is Sags (corrupted) version of Serious AK-47 (Sag and Serious are spin-offs from a previous company called Cerebral Seeds, and it seems to me Serious got to keep the two true stocks, the ones that make up AK-47 as a F1 hybrid).

I believe that indeed most of Sag strains are not bred or developed by them, but rather heirlooms or private stock given to them by their network of American friends, as it is the case with Stonehedge and Early Riser (Rosa, co-owner o f Sag, said that this o ne was a Cali Orange selection given to them by a friend). Their Matanuska is most likely totally unrelated to the real deal from Alaska (people in Alaska call that name to a number of local strains, adding to the confusion) but rather related to an NCGA experiment (probably involving a NL with some alleged G-13 in it) dating back to the time they (Sag and NCGA) teamed up briefly. They just appropriated the Matanuska name, as it had a mystique, and applied to the "new" breed. I wouldn't be surprised if they registered it as a trademark, which they can in Holland. Sag are very liberal with seed names - their "NL#9" has no Northern Lights at all, but rather is a combination of Jack Herer, White Widow and Durban (yeah, nice mix). As you see, its all very seedy (hehehe) and the only way to ascertain quality is to grow the stuff. I even suspect that Sag permanently lost some of their own strains, as several of them where out of stock for more than a year (rip-offs and boycotts at their seed grow operation) and suddenly (suspiciously) resurfaced... perhaps today?s Stonehedge is not the original, but a female clone crossed with a male Special K to get a seed line going (that would explain the new reference to Special K in the description). More ramble than you bargained for, eh? Sorry... got carried away, the story of strains reads like a novel. Hope this helps though. - Adam Tripper

I grew out ten seeds earlier this year. The plants were quite robust and large. Although you could see some indica influence in the leaves, Stonehedge grows like a sativa with internode spacing on the long end of the spectrum. It needs a lot of light and even then the yield is somewhat exiguous. The buds grow in dense clusters and begin to put on some weight after fifty days of flowering. The aroma of the plant is subtle, an earthy grapefruit bouquet if I were pressed for a description. There is excellent resin production which picks up markedly after fifty days of flowering. The high is intense and long-lasting. I like the way the smoke tastes and makes me feel but I am not happy about the yield. Ten seeds were not sufficient in this case to get a mother of truly outstanding character. Perhaps another female would produce a heavier yield. I do not know. - Moose

Don't know too much about Stonehedge's parents. It was indica dominant, dense nugs and a hashy flavour. A "stony" party killer-type herb. Pretty average when compared to some of the other strains available. - Geronimo

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