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Super Chrystal

Super Chrystal cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from India/Holland. Homegrown Fantaseeds breeder.

Super Chrystal is produced by Homegrown Fantaseeds. Super shiva mix. 75% Indica, beautiful and nice plant to grow. Strong oriental taste, heavy stone. Low compact plant.

Specifications: ~ Flower: 7 -8 weeks

A follow up on Super Crystal from HGF, the first go around out of three beans only one female resulted, and she was whorled and not very good, medium quality smoke, Super soil, organic ferts 80 watts per sq. ft., of mixed spec light, 2 gal pots no C02. The second set of 3 beans yielded 2 ladies of only slightly better quality, the only bright spot being that they yielded about 40 grams per gallon. Sup Crystal will no t be a repeat, I guess it really does go to sho w, that cup winners mean nothing, the samples can be one thing and the beans sold to the public another. Don't get me wrong, no conspiracy theories or collusion or anything, I just mean very variable outcomes. I'm sure allowed to grow out enough seeds, one can find examples that are like the plants that generated the samples to win the CCup, but they were not in this pack.

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