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Super Haze

Super Haze cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Holland. Dutch Passion Seeds breeder.

Flower: 10-12 weeks
Harvest: end of Dec.

This variety made Dutch Passion the 'High Times Cannabis Cup' winner in 1992. Formerly this strain was called 'Haze Skunk'. Still one of the best for the Dutch Passion team. Original Haze is a pure Sativa strain. It is crossed with Skunk #1 to get a bigger yield, a softer taste and a shorter flowering period. Truly superior sweet taste. The high is incredibly clear and energetic. A very favorite strain from our collection. Very high yield for an almost 100% Sativa variety.

I had the opportunity to acquire some Super Haze from Henk in late September. They got through customs just fine. I germed in soil of a fine mixture in early October. Of 12, 11 germed and unfortunately 5 turned out to be herms with largely male characteristics. 2 true males, 4 females. Fairly broad, medium degree leaf serrations, and max 7 blade leaf structure. These babies grow fairly quickly in veg under my 250w HPS with 320w supplemental fluorescent. Problem was though in flowering as this strain took too long to finish. Took about 6 months total. Very deceptive in that the buds will look beefy, but the hairs take more time to turn than any other stain I have encountered. My guess is that this strain will perform much better in high light - temperature situations. I am going to try outdoors now and compare. Under the 250 light and the floros I got some nice 6 - 8 inch colas but they were not as tight as a big light setup would produce. I accidentally pollinated more bud than I had intended to when my pollen collection cup hit the fan...whoops...oh well, now I have enough seed to grow a small forest. And believe me when I say they ought to rename it Redwood bud. Next time I think I'll try something more suited to my setup like NL. -Patient Grower

In the new Dutch Passion catalog, Henk the owner insists on calling his HAZE/SKUNK cross which won the Cannabis Cup in 1993 now called 'SUPER SILVER HAZE'. The Super Silver Haze that won the Cup is by Greenhouse Seeds. Henk is fairly proprietary about names, he has registered many of his own, so he must be fairly convinced the Super Silver Haze is an identical Haze Skunk cross. - Marc Emery

Isn't Dutch Passion's variety Haze/Skunk called Super Haze? The Super Silver Haze is Skunk/Haze/NL. I was just at the Greenhouse and they have the genetic backgrounds of most of their seeds printed right on the seed menu. - Sensi Claus

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