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Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Holland. Arjan, Green House Seed Co. breeder.

Composed of the most commercial strains, known to the civilized world - Skunk, Northern Lights + Haze. Royally bred from 3 precious High Times Cup winners.

Awards: 1st place High Times Hydro Cup '97, '98, 1st place High Times Grand Cup '98.

Strength: Overpowering combination of Indica + Sativa Highs. It leaves you gasping for reality.

Flowering Times: Indoors: 8-10 weeks, with top yields, heavy resin production.

Outdoors: Finishes by end of Oct. in northern hemisphere, or end of May/June in the southern Hemisphere. This complex hybrid is the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids designed to astound both the grower and smoker alike. Highly Recommended.

Close sources say Arjan bred the SSH (nl x haze x skunk )in the Sensi Seed breeding rooms (Cannabis Castle) with royally bred Sensi strains. It's basically the same exact thing as Jack Herer, but with one difference. Arjan had some reputed misunderstandings with Sensi Seeds, and took the strain with him, accidentally leaving behind his notes (woops!).

The key difference is that Neville donated his special pure isolated "Haze" strain to the SuperSilverHaze which made it slightly better than Sensi's version. Neville went on to screw Arjan in much the same way Arjan screwed over Sensi. -Tobes

I bought Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds in Amsterdam directly from Greenhouse. Out of everything available in Amsterdam (including all kinds of hash), I smoked Super Silver Haze about 40% of he time because it was the nicest tasting smoke in Amsterdam. Most Amsterdam smoke has little taste in my opinion. But the Super Silver Haze from Greenhouse had a spicy taste, that everyone I shared it with commented on.

Most of the plants I grew with seeds bought in November are about 45" tall, but I bend then over almost in half so they are only about 26" high not including the rockwool. I get lots of various size buds that are pointy on top when fully mature, with a long top branch of buds about a 18? long that you could call a spread-out cola. One plant I pruned in veg. Toped at the 4th node than again a week later.

It created 4 main colas with only 4 or 5 side branches.. It is just about ready. It will be less than 30? mature (not bent at all) and very compact not as wide) compared to the other Super Silver Hazes (and much easier to manage). For SOG, you would need to be a master at controlling the growth patterns. But if you know how, you could get (4) four cola Super Silver Hazes per Sq. foot, or at least 3 that could yield at least 22 grams of dry manicured bud.

I have not had pure Haze so I can't comment on the existence of the Haze component. It is supposed to be crossed with Nevil?s Haze, one of the world best Sativas.

The high is complex, slightly up. I need to study it more but it is up there with the best, but not the strongest, per say. But most people will like this strain. Every one likes different things. This is not MY very favorite.

I can tell you it was a relative bitch to manicure compared to Great White Shark and Mantanuska Tundra and other strains that have more compact buds before curing. It manicured like White Widow, the buds were fully formed after 7.5 weeks like WW would be after 10 weeks. You have to go in deep with cutting shears and get out a lot of little leaves that are best removed. It takes time. I'll always grow Super Silver Haze, but probably one plant every other grow. I'll keep a mother of the best and continue my search for the plant of my dreams. - Ananda

(To breed SSH you need to start with a) NL5 Male . Haze female. The main trait(s) you are trying to obtain from the Northern Lights #5 is the short height and, if possible, the trichome gland production. The only characteristics you seek from the Haze are the high and flavour. Once you have a stable version of those two, cross a NL#5 . Haze male with a Super Skunk female, thus making it "Super". The main reason Greenhouse Seed Co. created SSH was because a little while back quite a few people were upset with the consistency and potency of the NL#5.Haze. So the Greenhouse breeders crossed it with a Super Skunk to give it more stability and up the ante on potency. Plus, I'm sure they needed something "new" to enter in the Cup.

The difference between Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze is the NL#5 is the male in the original cross of SSH, while Haze is the male in Jack's original cross. From what I can recall reading Jack has a tendency to show a bit of favoritism towards it's tall, lanky Haze father. The SSH leans more towards an Indica growth pattern due to the NL#5 daddy. - Geronimo

I just harvested the second SSH female. and am impressed it has a strong SK#1 taste and stone, lots of resin .sticky as g13 ....and good yielder mine went 70-80 days. - la.bud

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