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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from British Columbia. Breeder Steve breeder.

Height: squat bush indica
Flowering Period: 7-8 Weeks
Harvest Outside: Mid Oct.
Yield: Above Average-Good
Sea Of Green: Thick and Plump

Sweet Pink Grapefruit x Blueberry Male x Grapefruit F1 Backcross to Mother.

These seeds are from the first backcross. Very sweet, mostly indica. Fruity, frosty & fairly fat. Mostly lime green bud with royal purple accents. Outdoors the calyxes are prone to purpling completely. The sugar taste is almost sickly sweet.

This whole garden was Sweetooth, and it turned out very nice, took 9.5 weeks to flower but the yield has totally made up for the increased wait. I can't wait to get the CO2 going with my climate controller. This winter is going to be fun.

I harvested 644 grams of smokeable bud with a 600-watt light, very efficient outcome. Over a gram a watt is a new thing for me. I didn't calculate under developed buds, they have already burn turned into butter with the trim leaf. 46 grams per sq./ft of beautiful colas...;-) 53.7 grams per sq./ft, 50 watts hps, 2.5 per sq./ft, clone, GH, coconut medium, ebb&flow Sweet Tooth is a fun plant to grow I'll hopefully have some pics of the harvest soon, very large colas, most plants between 24-28 inches tall, some colas were solid to 12 inches. Very nice quality nuggs, nice sweet smell, and the high is pretty strong. Sweetooth doesn't require much odor control at all, very state of the art indoor plant. I think I've got my garden down their isn't too much other than CO2 which is on the way. CO2 will be worthless for me during the summer because I have to ventilate all the time just to keep the temp in check, but winter should be great. - Shiva

I've been growing both Shishke & Sweetooth for a while and would choose 'Sweetooth' over Shishke after having both of them for over a year. The Sweetooth is a large yielder (50 grams a sq./ft). Sweetooth makes large contiguous colas even on short plants. The visual of the cured bud is great. The Shishke is a heavy yielder; I haven't quite decided if the Sweetooth can out yield the Shishke in perfect temperature conditions. Shishke and Sweetooth are both blue berry hybrids and I notice a lot of similarities in the veg growth of the two plants, but the Sweetooth has a sweet scent (no ozone required), and can take more stress (it gets hot where I live). Shishke smells kinda musky, doesn't like heat. If heat stressed it will herm, clones from the same mom in a different garden have no herms ... otherwise, very easy plant to grow and the high is strong & up. The high from the Sweetooth is just like the SOL ad "keeps us giddy & high all day". Both plants have fairly "up" buzz, the Shishke has a hashy taste, and the Sweetooth is sweet & berry. - Shiva

I was pretty surprised by the 'up-high' of the Shishke the first time I puffed it. It's rattled me pretty hard before with just a hit. It's nice to have for stash, but for me I build a tolerance to it very quick (smoking fat joints of it after being all too acquainted). Sweetooth hits like a nice funky ~wave~, hard to describe, it puts a smile on my face everytime, the buds smell so sweet, encrusted with trichome upon trichome, dense nuggs that a fun to handle ... two tokes are plenty ... social indica, you can bring it to a party and not put the hurt' on anyone. ? Shiva

I can't really describe the phenotype differences very well with the plants in veg state, but I'll tell you the two distinct looking phenotypes I've recognized. My mothers look almost identical to me since they have been pruned many a time & I didn't document any notes from their seedling stage ... I usually just tag them, clone them and see what happens when I flower them, when I start from seed.

One of the phenotypes makes fluffy looking, but tight strawberry shaped buds (looks just like the ad for Sweetooth in CC). The other phenotype makes a more evergreen looking bud, but both share a very similar lime green bract color & large, bigger than your hand blue/purplish fan leaves.

One thing to note, the pictures that are/were on Bongblaster's site don't look anything like the other Sweetooth I have. Must be just a little bit different or maybe it was an earlier cross. I think Sweetooth was sold after it's first backcross, so a few differences are to be expected, but I think both phenotypes I found are very equal in quality. The I have let them go as long as 63 days of flowering time and can honestly say that I think the quality of smoke is much better around 50 days, although yield is improved at 63.

I've seen too many different looking blueberry type plants to really be able to tell which plant is influencing the shape. I think the one with the more evergreen shape might be a tad bit more potent but maybe not; both are fairly up & cerebral to me. If I smoke too much before bed I usually have to get back up or else I feel like I'm floating 4 feet above the bed. Sweetooth is spacey smoke, not too heavy of a feeling at all (as I look at the sentence I wrote before & laugh). -Shiva

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