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Texada Timewarp

Texada Timewarp cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from British Columbia. breeder.

Texada Timewarp is the famous outdoor strain grown originally and still today on Texada Island, a longish island in the Georgia Strait. I have been there, just off the coast of Powell River, by BC Ferries, specifically as a pilgrimage because I felt sincerely, " I should go to these places and find out who knows the history." since I often end up as spokesman for "us".

Here's what I learned: Texada Timewarp, this summer's planting, comes from an 18 year old clone mother, very few seeds are known to still exist, only crosses are available in seed form.

Texada is outdoor, on Texada most Timewarp was 5'-7' at harvest, but I have seen it reach up to 13' on Texada and in neighboring Gulf Islands. Though it grows tall, sativa like, often with sativa like leaves, I'm not sure (its heritage) can be determined. It finishes October 1st. - Marc Emery

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