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Top 44

Top 44 cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. Interpolm Growshop breeder.

The top44 is a cannabis strain developed in Holland some years ago, it's mostly indica crossed with a skunk and something else, there are a lot off speculations what this 'else' mig ht be, but for now it's still unknown. The top44 is an impressive fast flowering plant, I never heard off a strain that was faster, it has an flowering time from only 6 weeks (44 days), but gives big resinous buds in this short time.

At first the Top44 was popular under cash growers in Holland, later on the home growers did find the great ab ility of the strain too, it's able to switch between vegetative and flo wering grow very fast, vegetative grow will mostly stop after one week you put at in flowering. It will go inside and also outside and it's an easy compact growing plant, it is easy to get in one off the many cannabis growshops, this may change because the Dutch law is getting harder for the bigger clone producers. Because it is an compact growing plant, it's very good in a SOG setup, it gives one long cola if you grow 4 plants the sq./feet like in the closed from the picture beside, there are growing 49 plants o n soil, used are 4 liter containers and a 600 watt (Natrium) lamp, total space used in this case is 9 sq./feet, in this setup we normally grow only one week vegetative, this way we are able to get up to 6 crops a year. At the growshow (sample setup in a growshop) from Nederlicht Growshop we could see that the top44 is doing very well if it gets more space and time. On the picture beside you can see one big plant that they did grow three months vegetative (18/6), they used a 600 watt (natrium) lamp and the plant was in a 50 liter container, if you plan to grow bigger plants rule one is, use big containers. This plant did give 350 grams off the finest buds. The high is really great, strong and euphoric alike and the indica part off this plant gives a relaxed feeling overall, smoke it and let flo your mind. It has it's own taste and is very sweet, the buds are very smelly and sticky, it has red hairs after 6 weeks. So me growers like to keep them in flowering a bit longer to get an ultimate effect, the top44 adds a lot off resin in those last days, it is easy to manicure because of the good leaf/bud ratio. - Jock

There are a few around here that have the real Top44 from Holland that they got as a cutting from Jock. The seeds available from him are not the same as the cuttings he has. The seeds are from Paradise, a company without much reputation yet. But they're getting around the net since WeedSeed picked them up. But its not a very popular strain except in Holland / the rest of Europe as a commercial plant. - shabang

50+ grams/s.f. Spacing at only 2 per square foot in 48 days isn't too bad. I suspect that plant will do much better when I play with it just a little more. I'll agree that the 44 days is pushing it and the plant is better buzzing 4 or 5 days later but you can harvest at 44 and be satisfied with the buzz without much sacrifice in yield. It's a great buzzing social indica that grows fast and heavy. - flick

I've grown it from seed and from cuttings that were supposed to have been from the breeder himself...It didn't mature in 44 days (under lots of light) and it didn?t yield enough. I have grown out at least 35 strains in the past 2 years and it was the most disappointing. - Muir!

I would stay away from anything with Top 44 in it. I got my Top 44 seeds in Amsterdam directly from Homegrown Fantaseeds. The Top 44 buds look great and do mature in 44 days, but the high is very mild. I was sorry I put all the time and effort into growing To p 44 when I could have grown something much better, with just one week longer to wait. I ended up giving 3 Zs of Top 44 buds away because I had no desire to consume them.

Grew Top 44 from seeds through Jock (I think they're Nirvana's). Not shwag, but not top grade nederweed by any stretch. First of all, it didn't finish in 44 days. It took 54 days to reach 90% withered pistils under 45 w/sf of mixed MH/HPS light. They were less than 10% withered at 44 days. Visible trichome production is about 50% of what you'd expect from a top-grade strain (no sugar frosting). Secondly, like most strains whose main claim to fame is earliness, Top 44 is autoflowering. Even clones taken before changing to a 12/12 photoperiod began flowering at about 6 biological weeks old. This screams Ruderalis genes to me. It was cloneable, however, and the clones did veg out despite the continuous flowering. Potency was overall a disappointment, but better than expected considering the lack of trichome production. Indica stone, about a 6 out of 10, 10 being that yet-to-be-smoked perfect bud.... On the plus side, it has textbook "mini-baseball bat" buds with virtually no bud leaves to snip out. Clones grow straight up with no branching, making the strain ideal for SOG, less so for ScrOG. Medium high yielding. These traits no doubt are behind its Dutch rep as a good commercial crop strain. Will I grow it again? Probably not. - B420

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