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White Rhino

White Rhino cannabis is a Indica/Sativa mix plant from Holland. Arjan, Green House Seed Co. breeder.

Flower: 10 weeks.

Afghan X Brazilian & So. Indian. Somewhat a mystery strain. Suffice to say it has 60% Indica to 40% Sativa ratios expressed with a definite freak in its family.

This crystally, olive colored bud is sparsely covered in brownish red hairs and resin nodules that stand out proud and bubbly. This bio has a pungent, green scent; some have even said it has sort of a shit smell to it. Very fluffy somewhat dense buds break apart nicely and leave your fingers sticky. Not mouth wateringly tasty, it tastes a bit brown fo r such a green plant, depicting its Mexican heritage. The smoke expand s slightly leaving you coughing a bit. The high is no t overly mellow; the head change isn't much to take. This is bong weed , as it do es very well thro ugh water, eliminating the need to cough all together. **1/2 - Homepage Amsterdam

Flowering time is 8-10 weeks respectively. Although the flowers will appear to be ready after 8 weeks, the extra two weeks is to allow THC to spew out of the glands leaving a coat of white on your nugs. You must be patient with this strain unless your wasting your time. TO EVERYONE WHO GROWS THIS STRAIN I'M BEGGING YOU ALL TO WAIT THE EXTRA TWO WEEKS THAT IS NEEDED FOR THC PRODUCTION!!! -Ganja-k

In the case of multiple sclerosis an indica is a good choice, but I don't think it is the best choice. The problem with using a strong indica to ease the pain is that it also fries your brain and leaves you temporarily incapacitated. I would suggest either a 60/40 cross between Sativa/Indica or a pure Sativa. Kali Mist/Western Winds is an excellent pure Sativa and White Rhino is a great 60/40 cross between the two. - Nurse Hawthorne

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