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White Russian

White Russian cannabis is a Indica/Sativa mix plant from Holland. Serious Seeds breeder.

Flower: 8 weeks

With the combined power of White Widow and AK-47, this potent plant became and an easy winner of Cannabis Cup '96 organic pot award. Select best female for future cloning.

Winner of the 1997 Cannabis Cup. This bud is mostly sea green (yellowish-green) with patches of darker green, and has clusters of reddish-tan hairs. Very light tan crystals coat the entire bud. The scent is very green and bio with an undertone of skunk. When smoked, the bud tastes sweet and is a bit expansive in the lungs. The high is spacey, stony, a bit forgetful and lasts strongly for 2 hrs or more! We love this bud. One or two good hits and you're set for a while. ****3/4 - Homepage Amsterdam

White Russian (Grey area) again very complex high, but tends a little mo re to the ind ica side. Great with coffee. - Prince Caspian

Very strong hash oil taste, I give it a 9.2. Both WW and White Russian are indica dominant, 70-day plants and good yielders the Russian is my favorite. It?s my fav. strain, 70-75 days flower, very easy to grow .... Germ all your seeds to be sure you have the best cross section, taste = potent, yield depends... over all I would say very good it's my fav. still after a year and 1 that I would recommend WW x ak47. - LaBud

It is my best yielding strain, better than SK# 1. There is some variability in the phenotype, but pick the short squatty ones w/ the best yield for future clones. Definitely the best weed I have smoked in many years. A comment from a couple o f 60's stoners who made the mistake of splitting 1/2 a joint: "Too much...waaaay too much...I was tripping!" These are experienced smokers BTW. I find it to be very cerebral, extremely potent (but not a knock-out indica type of stone) and, w/ 2 bong hits of (early) buds, about a 3-4 hour consistent up/trippy high. You wo n't be able to sleep, that's for sure. I would recommend it over anything I have smoked, with the exception of Nevil's Nepali (which I can't find anymore) or his Haze. - Posterboy

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