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White Widow

White Widow cannabis is a Sativa/Indica plant from Holland. Arjan, Green House Seed Co. breeder.

Specifications: Outside/Indoor/greenhouse
Flowering period 8-10 weeks for crystals (50-60 days), outside 10-14 weeks.
Height: inside: 60-75 cm, outside 1.50-2.00m
Yield: up to 150 gr.
Harvest time under natural light: End of October.
Appearance: very strong plant with big leaves.

Taste: The major player is a freshness laced with many fruits, but because of the strength of the crystals - the only real taste goes hand in hand with the expectorant effects of the THC. You better try it for yourself.

Smell: A strong pungency first hits you, then follo ws a sour sweetness with the final whiff ... turning sweet. If a plant could have a strong body odour then the White Widow needs a deodorant.

Visuals: If you have ever seen a green plant grown in a snowfall then that's it. It has a dense covering of the sort of hairy crystals we all craving for.

Touch: If you manage to touch this plant without sticking to the leaves or stem then you probably did not grow it properly. It has intense crystal formation that needs to be to uched to be believed!

Stone: After the first puff, that daunting warm feeling of impending stoniess comes over you. You feel it just under your eyes and throughout your body in time. It is a serious heavy highness.

Family Heritage: Originally the union came fro m a Brazilian and an Indian - Suffice to say the co mbination is 60: 40 sativa to indica ratio.

Vegetative Time: At least 2 to 4 weeks if on Bio. On Hydro it is only reco mmended to grow it for 2 weeks.

Flowering Time: On both mediums it is suggested to flower (12 hour light) the White Widow for 8 weeks, but 10 weeks will really give you the crystals you are after.

We suggest the final 2 weeks o f the flowering cycle to turn the lights off alto gether - or at least down to 8 hours. This keeps the flowers from regrowth and stresses the plant into giving up its last drop of goodness as crystal to protect the flower...try it!

Achievements: 1st Place - BIO - HTCC - Award 1995.

This fabled bio probably derives its name from its whitish appearance created by light green leaves entirely covered with tiny white crystals. The bud is almost absent of hairs, save sparse, barren brown ones that dot the bud. Its scent is mild and flat with the tiniest to uch of green that tells droves about its Northern Lights parentage. Light, semi-sticky buds snap apart from yucky tasting stems, perhaps overfertilized, perhaps not. The smoke has a mild flowery full taste. The high is a little of everything--a bit cerebral, and bit forgetful and stony. Nice trippy feeling but very mild.

Arjan at the Greenhouse first introduced the White Widow strain in 1995. All reports that I have read state that it has a very complex lineage. In Amsterdam most every coffee shop now sells WW. On my last trip I tried 3 different "WW". One sample from the Green House Centrum, one from Homegrown Fantasy (Hydro) and one from a small local's shop called coffee shop "Tops". All three were very different. In all honesty my least favorite of the lot came from the green house. It was a nice bud but it didn't have the resin coverage like I remembered from previous trips to Adam. The Hydro from Homegrown fantasy was excellent, as was the super resiny sample from "Tops" Other items that I have read state that WW is still very much unstable and therefor yo u co uld get almost anything.

The way Marc told it was like this: Arjan had a WW on display at some exp o in a-dam. Someone from Dutch passion/aloha stole a clone and hybridized it. That is the plant we bought for 130.00. This plays a part in the great variance we see in the plant, it's not just WW being unstable, we kno w what happens when we inbreed f1 generations- gene reco mbination produces various phenotypes representative of the hybrid and p1 plants as well as different genotypes. It's great if you're a breeder because you can begin to dial in your own preferences. I have one f2 plant I believe to actually be a throwback to the original WW. It is considerably larger and more indica than the rest. - LadyJ

It's a very strong weed (which has unfortunately had the effect of spoiling me for other herbs, which seem not to get me high like they used to), but not too sedating. And extremely tasty, one of the more fragrant herbs I?ve run across (makes NL seem weak, odorless). Strange that the widow would do so lousy in hydro, as I find her to be VERY easy to grow in organics. A smallish medium yielding plant that was super potent but not real tasty. I been smoking along time and I prefer a tasty herb that you can puff a couple times to some thing that knocks you on your ass after one hit and tastes like pure thc almost narcotic. Some of my friends loved it but most were like me.

I heard that the mother was First Lad y which parentage comes from Mullimbimby Madness a stable sativa strain down here in Aus. The father I heard was from a Dutch Shiva Skunk (NL#5 x Skunk#1) giving it the famous white crystal. - Delta9

White Widow: This plant at 60 days did not have the advertised heavy resin (only one candidate...maybe not a good sample). smell was minty sweet. plant is fluffy and leafy. looks like NL. head is 20% body, 80% head. high is a bit racy, and both I and my co-sampler found it made all the blood drop from the brain when standing up. tendency to feel faint. Very easy to clone. buds fluffy. Plant is prone to powder mildew on the fan leaves. Not recommended. - Splif Lip sit

I'm also growing DP white widow. I have also found the fragrance to be very sweet in a sk unk y kind of way. This stuff is stony, but the taste leaves much to be desired. There's not much body to the flavor. I still have 3 mothers and can't decide which one is the keeper. Overall, I'm kind of disappointed in white widow, what with all the hype about it. I too have not had the good fortune to get buds that are caked with white frosting, but, hey, I had to see for myself. I, too, have had the problem with the powder mildew (if that is the correct term) on the leaves when it gets close to harvest. I have had to do lots of manicuring. I currently have more WW stash that I really want around. It doesn't get smoked. - potattic

I voted for the WW at the 8th Cann Cup. It was fantastic, Arjan at the awards show said the seed would come in 2-3 years. I returned and got these seeds from his shop and they are excellent. Out of 5 females, 1 was short and dense, not very branchy, just over 7 wks. The rest were taller and less side branching, 8+ wks. All had a consistent heavy crystal, great smell and great stupefying high. I have quite a tolerance to the kind, but my first harvest of WW was A+++, I had to actually concentrate when driving if I smoked it. The crystals are profuse and on the big fan leaves. Taste is very good, def. KIND. Taller ones had very slight taste differences. I assume the taller are dominant to the Sativa side and have the taste influence of it. I kept 4 out of 5 for mothers. All females where KIND, but I couldn?t keep all so I gave up only one. I intended to keep 1 or 2 but they are very consistent except for the one Indica dominant plant. I want to have several chances to evaluate the 3 sativa dom. ones. I suggest this strain (I got mine at the Greenhouse in Amsterdam) to anyone. Great for personal stash, one of the best tasting strains I ever had and one of the best all around highs, VERY strong, stupefying yet not sleepy. Should be best crossed with fast, heavy yield Indica for communication growers.- Wood Duck.

The WW-'s finished pretty tall, at about 15-18 inches and yielded about 21 grams each. They had 2 or 3 nice stalks that grew tight buds with a spicy smell. I didn?t get that ultimate WW look and the crystals never reached the fan leaves like some say it does, but while budding the buds were pretty crystally and did spread to most of the trim leaves. I am having a little trouble drying this strain as it seems to dry unevenly the way I dry and I have been using Tupperware for the last 3 months to even out the drying process. The WW was just smoked today for the first time and I liked it a lot. I wont classify it as anything spectacular but a .25 gram joint glued me to the chair pretty hard! - James Hetfield

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