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Willy Jack Jack Herer

Willy Jack Jack Herer cannabis is a Sativa/Indica plant from Holland. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

The Willy Jack Jack Herer is a domestically produced version of the Sensi original. I found the genetics to be pretty messy, in that there was a great deal of variation between the different plants. however, the mother I went with has a relatively short flowering period (about 60-65 days) and big crystal formatio n, and it was definitely worth the meager price and growing them out to find the best one. the high is very active / cerebral, but you can still feel the indica. in my opinion, it's like a skunk that is more heavily influenced on the sativa side. if you flush it properly or grow organic, it should end up tasting sort of like pecans...

Jack Herer is a high light plant. for good bud density you'll need at least 30 watts / sq. foot. I don't know why it's such a bitch, probably the haze presence (Jack Herer = haze x nl #5 x skunk #1 ) makes it a bit of a pain in the butt to grow. likes to stretch if you let it. tie the girl down!!! All in all, recommended. - frank white

Mine does have nutty flavor but with an undertone of catpiss.....good high....good crystals...stretches like crazy but flower time is good....55-60 days. Definitely worth the price if you can grow out several to find a good momma. - Capn Howdy

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