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Yumbolt cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Oregon. DJ Short breeder.

Type: Indica-Sativa, indoor and outdoor.
Start vegetate: 1-2 weeks after roots show.
Flowering time: 55-60 days.
Average height: 1 meter.
Yield: 350 grams / m. (dried).

Yumbolt brings back that old-fashioned flavor from the hills of Humbolt Co. California. Possessing a sedative stone with an outdoor aroma, she will often induce heavy eyelids with a satisfying smile. From the first toke till the last the taste remains. A producer of large succulent flowers, this girl will qualify for every grower's needs. Let Yumbolt produce nice dreams for you.

I found that Yumbolt is very similar to Black Domina. I have smoked Yumbolt in A'dam and it was one of my favorites. I noticed a similarity between it and the Black Domina that I have been growing since 95.

Since then I have grown out the rest of my original BD seed and of the 2 that I have tried so far (still drying) the #8 female tastes exactly like the Yumbolt. It was one of the fastest also, harvested at 47 days.

At one time it was hybridized, but has been around a while. I e-mailed Rosa at Sagarmatha. She said that it was a strain given to them by a friend from Humbolt Co., CA. She said there was some variation with the original strain, and through selective breeding were able to stabilize it. She says it has a very strong aroma (typical of Humbolt varieties) and a very heavy stone. - Caterpillar

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